From the need to gain more control over the production process, a bold plan was born: to set up their own production site.


The Maven Pharma facility uses fully automated lines built to the highest pharmaceutical standards and technologically advanced systems capable of modulating and controlling all the parameters that influence the production process. The site is equipped to carry out all phases of the production cycle, from the weighing of raw materials to the packaging of the finished product.

The structure is organized in such a way as to control the access of goods and personnel, thanks to the presence of interlocked passboxes, in order to avoid any contamination. The entire production area is also protected from pollutants by an air treatment unit (UTA) that, in addition to controlling the thermo-hygrometric parameters of the environments, is equipped with a series of filters in succession culminating in HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter), also used in the creation of sterile rooms.

All these features, according to Maven Pharma, together constitute an essential element to guarantee the quality and performance we aspire to.

the advantage of “playing at home”

The opening of the facility marks a turning point in the history of Maven Pharma. Thanks to the internalization of production and the ability to interface with the technical director, it has been possible to significantly modify some aspects of Maven Pharma’s formulations, improving their effectiveness, stability, and presentation.
Among the innovations introduced are:

  • packaging our probiotics in a “protective atmosphere”;
  • reducing the percentage of excipients, which concretely contributes to patient compliance;
  • using primary packaging materials with a high barrier effect, which give the pharmaceutical form an almost total protection from light, humidity, and oxygen, thus ensuring a long shelf life. Specifically, effervescent tablets are packaged in ALU/ALU blisters, swallowable tablets in aluminum and duplex blisters (PVC/PVDC), which are more efficient than PVC (single-layer) blisters in terms of protecting active ingredients, while sachets are packaged using poly-laminate (paper/PET/ALU).

The ability to choose packaging materials is therefore an important advantage, but even more important is the ability to select raw materials.
All the active ingredients in our formulations boast a large and recognized scientific bibliography and are purchased within the EU from qualified suppliers.


Quality at Maven Pharma means pursuing the ideals inherent in GMP and HACCP legislation and standards, implementing them in all stages of the production process, from the evaluation of raw materials and suppliers to frequent in-process controls, from the continuous training of operational staff to compliance with microbiological requirements, up to the achievement of a quality product.

Maven Pharma also pays utmost attention to the post-sales monitoring phase and to ensuring supply chain traceability for all its products.


Nature is the mother of us all, and most of the substances used in the medical field come from it; without it, we could not survive.

Keeping this in mind, we are always committed to adhering to strict waste management standards, and attention to eco-sustainability is an important criterion in the selection of our partners. Additionally, Maven Pharma, in a collective effort by all personnel, is engaged in the cultivation and maintenance of a small citrus grove that grows near the production site.